Vancouver Laneway Homes


Is Laneway Housing for You?

  • Can I build one?
  • How do I get started?
  • How do I get the money?

Nicholas Meyer is happy to take your questions and assist in your decision on building a lasting investment through laneway housing.

Some options include:

  • Build Laneway Housing for rental purposes, increasing cash flow while maintaining your original investment
  • Build Laneway Housing for grown kids, or as an ideal mother-in-law home
  • Downsize and still keep your home. Live in the laneway home as a pied a terre in Vancouver, and rent out the main house to stable tenants

laneway4The bold new step in laneway housing for the city of Vancouver was first put into place by City Council as part of an EcoDensity initiative. This green initiative makes better use of your property and enables a cash flow from your home investment.

It’s like having an addition or self-contained suite in your home, only with more options, flexibility and scope.

The team at Downtown Suites is pleased to offer rental management of your laneway home investment.

This site is a resource and is continually being updated with the latest news in laneway housing building and development in Vancouver.