Specializing in Vancouver Laneway Housing Tenant Placement 

Have a laneway house or coach house but do not know how to find the right tenant? Downtown Suites can help you out.

Laneway homes are unique in that they are detached, yet you as the owner may reside on the property. Unlike basement suites or secondary suites, laneway homes are appealing to a certain niche of tenants and generate a higher rental rate than most secondary suites.

We specialize in advertising and placing tenants in laneway homes (or coach house) in Vancouver.

Dedicated to helping owners and tenants achieve the best in urban life, the team at Downtown Suites brings trusted experience and expertise to all aspects of your management needs.

Lease- Up Services (Tenant Placement Only, No Ongoing Management)

Our lease- up services to secure a qualified tenant (1 year minimum term) includes:

  1. Market Analysis and Suite Assessment for Rentability
    • We generate a comparable market analysis to identify the going market rental rate for your property to ensure as little vacancy as possible
    • We will also provide recommendations to increase the rentability of your property
  2. Superior Marketing
    • Specific and relevant copy featuring the highlights of the property that will capture the largest audience
    • Professional photos to showcase the features
  3. Extensive Reach
    • Downtown Suites Website Exposure- we have a high search rating on our website which generates most of our qualified prospective tenants. Our website is updated daily to ensure the most accurate information for all properties
    • Third Party Sites- We advertise our listings on various third party sites and redirect traffic to our main site where prospective tenants can request showings and submit applications
  4. Professional, Secure Showings
    • A qualified Downtown Suites representative will always be present for showings and able to answer any questions from prospective tenants
  5. Full Application Processing
    • We provide a thorough screening of all applicants which includes
      • Personal Meeting
      • Credit Check
      • Reference Checks
      • Employment and Income Verification
  6. Fully Executed Lease Documentation
    • Specializing in rentals, we ensure that all lease documentation is in compliance with the Residential Tenancy Branch and Real Estate Council standards. We meet in person for the official signing of all of the documents with tenants if possible and receive the security deposit at the time of lease signing
  7. Move in Inspection and Key Exchange
    • Once a tenant is placed and lease documents are signed as well as deposit is received, we schedule a time at the start of the tenancy with the tenants at the property to conduct a Move in Inspection. The Move In Inspection is to identify any issues which is used as a benchmark of comparison at the time of move out.

After the move in inspection, we pass the file on to you for your personal management. If you would like us to continue with management we can do so as well.

Contact us for more information on our ongoing management.