Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

At Downtown Suites, we get asked a multitude of questions regarding our services. Here are answers to some of our commonly asked questions:

  1. Can I also advertise my suite for rent at the same time?

No. We only do exclusive agreements and multiple advertisements for the same property can compromise the integrity of the listing as prospective tenants could identify the property as a scam

  1. How do you advertise?

Most of our qualified tenants come directly from our website ( which receives thousands of hits weekly and is optimized to generate rental listing traffic on Google and all search engines. We also advertise through third-party sites but redirect all inquiries to our website. We also generate a lot of tenants from the word of mouth referrals of current or past tenants (happy customers).

  1. How long will it take to rent my property?

It depends on a number of factors. Firstly, the suite must be priced correctly. The current renal market landscape is competitive as there are actually a number of available rentals in Metro Vancouver. Inventory is increasing monthly as new buildings are completing therefore increasing the number of available options for tenants. If a property is priced competitively and presents well, an owner should expect to have it tenanted within two months.

  1. What utilities are the responsibility of the tenant?

In laneway homes or coach homes, the tenant is responsible for electricity, cable/internet, and we also insist on renter’s insurance.

  1. What duration of lease do you offer for tenant placement?

We will do tenant placement for laneway houses or coach homes for one year leases that revert to month to month after the fixed term period.

  1. How do you screen tenants?

We provide full application processing and our screening includes:

  • Personal Meeting
  • Credit Check
  • Reference Checks
  • Employment and Income Verification

For more information on our services and rates, please contact us at