Vancouver Laneway Homes since 2010

We are grateful to the Vancouver Heritage Foundation for offering us these great examples and good ideas for any owners who wish to expand the potential of their property without demolishing their original houses to do so. They have really opened up the conversation on how our neighbourhoods can be retained while home-owners have a chance to benefit from increased revenue.

Since 2010, the Vancouver Heritage Foundation has done this by offering annual tours of selected participating laneway houses. These tours have given great concrete examples of exactly how the homes are situated, and what they are like inside and out.

Below are photos of the homes selected for the tours.

Homes in the 2010 (the first) VHF Laneway house tour
In 2010, the first laneway house tour featured new homes just being built. Participants saw firsthand just how modern infills would look.
Homes in the 2011 VHF Laneway house tour
By 2011, more homes were built and lived-in, with examples from across the city.
Homes in the 2012 VHF Laneway house tour
In 2012, we saw examples in Dunbar, Marpole, Sunset, Renfrew and Hastings-Sunrise.
Homes in the 2013 VHF Laneway House tour
The 2013 tour added examples that were modern and traditional, ranging from Renfrew to Shaughnessy, Mt. Pleasant and Fraserview and more.