Laneway House Tour Coming up Oct 24th

laneway house tour 2015

Vancouver Heritage Foundation offers their annual Laneway House Tour this month!


This is an annual self-guided tour inside examples new and old of gentle densification on heritage properties. Built since the 1890s, stratified properties, coach and lane homes have all been featured. In 2015 we have five newly constructed lane homes, built behind existing homes. Featuring homes with unique heritage inspired details that coordinate with the main house, such as one with a charming rounded entry door, we also have great examples of heritage retention. See one lane home designed to fit around a mature Magnolia Tree, and an infill constructed in the 1990s as part of the heritage revitalization of the Modernist Masterpiece, the Barber Residence. Designed by Robert Lemon, the infill picks up design elements from the remarkable main house, and features clever landscaping to offer privacy to both the infill and main house. This tour offers an exceptional chance to explore the options available, both current and historic, in different residential zones to densify while maintaining heritage structures.

More info and tickets:  HERE at the Vancouver Heritage Foundation

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Featured home in the Vancouver Heritage Foundation Laneway House Tour